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_____The Homecoming
_____ Farewell To The Senate
_____ Music From The Movies
_____A Kimball Keepsake
_____ Songs Of Praise
_____ The Big Sound
_____ Dance Time
_____ Hands Across The Sea
_____ Hot Dog
_____ My Favorite Things

_____ Renaissance
_____ The Roaring Twenties
_____ Rochester Showtime
_____ West Coast Wurlitzer
_____ Granada!
_____ Paramount! New York
_____ Paramount!
_____ Up North
_____ Concert Echoes
_____ Brighton Brassy
_____Back To Brooklyn
_____Live From New York...
_____Fulton Blue
_____Zurich Sessions
_____ Happy Birthday Arnold
_____ Gerald Shaw at Leicester
_____ Recollection
_____ Contrasts
_____ Once Upon A Time
_____ Do I Hear A Waltz?

_____ Here With The Wind
_____ Memories of the Mosque
_____I Got Rhythm
_____ The Melody Lingers On
_____ The Song Is Ended
_____ A Regal Affair
_____ Remembrance

_____ Those Were The Days
_____ The Wizard Of Organ

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